The Floorsland: Anniversary

2016-06-05 15:50:42 by telinc1

So I've decided to make the next game from The Floorsland series and I've a little enquiry to make about instructions.

I've tried different approaches to this before. Games with no instructions have had people complaining about it despite the instructions being ignored when I put them in. For The Floorsland Origins I tried forcing you to play a tutorial level, but that backfired badly: due to people most likely skipping through all the dialogues, they were left completely unaware of certain non-obvious physics and thus were unable to proceed. I have a feeling that this is the reason the game has such a low score: people get stuck due to their own ignorance. Just play the game if you want to know what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking what to do for The Floorsland: Anniversary. Tutorial levels won't help and putting the tutorial in the first level will simply backfire like that again. Here's my question: how do you think I should do it? I'm clueless about telling ignorant players about game mechanics and the only thing I can think of is not having them required, but rather giving you access to powerups and stuff if you do listen to the explanation and apply those mechanics.

What are your two cents on this?

The Floorsland Origins is complete! Only problem is, I'm looking for somebody to beta test it. I just need one or two people, though I don't want somebody who will just play the game for a "sneak peek", but rather someone who will check to see if there's any big bugs or debug features I forgot and tell me, so I can fix them before publishing the game. PM me for more info!

The Floorsland Origins Teaser

2014-07-09 17:05:15 by telinc1

Ah, The Floorsland and The Floorsland 2... Remember those awful games? Yeah, neither do I. Oh, wait, I do and the first real game from The Floorsland since 2011 will be called The Floorsland Origins - it will contain both The Floorsland 1 and The Floorsland 2, though this time with better graphics, music, a plot, bonus challenges, medals and much more! And to get you guys excited, here's a teaser screenshot from the third level of the first game, called Mt. Larva. (before it was called The Hell. Ugh.)


Quite a bit since I've posted something, no? Well, I decided to do some more with Flash. Before I resume my game, though, I need two things: another programmer and a graphic designer. So far I'm the only programmer and the graphic designer I have/had (CharacterDesigner) does not seem to be active anymore. Here's what I'm looking for:
Programmer - Somebody who doesn't think he always a leader. Recommended to know ActionScript 2, however if you WANT to use ActionScript 3, I will try to convert the things we currently have, but beware I might need help from you.
Graphic Designer - Again, somebody who doesn't think he's always a leader. He/She can use any graphical program. Also please don't sign up if you think a filled up rectangle looks good.

Please PM me if interested.

Looking for a programmer

2012-04-15 03:51:34 by telinc1

I'm really looking for a programmer (AS2) for my game. I have planned something that I will be barely able to make without one. If you're even barely interested, then please PM me. I will be very happy.

P.S.: Please don't PM me crap such as "hey n000b use as3 or die and leave ng this is place for preofeciolits not newbies".

The Floorsland Zero Update

2012-03-10 04:02:47 by telinc1

Update Time
So You May Know The Floorsland Zero
It Is Currently Being Worked On And I Want You To Help Me If You can

Okay, enough newbie grammar. So, you may know The Floorsland Zero. it's currently being worked on and it is progressing very well. But there's soemthign special now! You (yes, you) can make this a collaboration effort! Check out the Collab. froum for more information! Thanks!

Hi everyone! I just started working on "The Floorsland Zero: ATTTR". It's a sequel to "The Floorsland 4: King's Challenge". I've implemented many things, such as a looking up engine. As every game, the main character is Tim. If you have any suggestions, then you can help me by commenting. If you want to build this game with me, then drop me a quick PM, and I will se how's it going with your profile. If it's good-looking, then I will tell you my e-mail, so we can work together!

The Floorsland 4 is complete!

2011-08-08 09:19:13 by telinc1

Hey, everyone! The Floorsland 4 was complete, and passed jugement and you can safely play it! Stay tuned for the next game, The Floorsland Zero: A Travel Throgh The Ruins! If you like it, vote it, if you don`t like it, or make the jerkish thing not to know how to use the arrow keys, don`t vote, and don`t post reviews. Reviews like that are put in my Jerk-ish Review List. Have fun playing it!